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Welcome to ICG
A database of Internal Control Genes
for RNA expression normalization in RT-qPCR

ICG is a wiki-based knowledgebase of internal control genes (or reference genes) for RT-qPCR normalization in a variety of species. Based on community curation, ICG harnesses collective intelligence to integrate a comprehensive collection of internal control genes curated from a large volume of literatures and provides appropriate internal control genes corresponding to specific experimental conditions for both model and non-model organisms.

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Figure 1. Omics Knowledge Portal for Rice
Latest Curated Literatures
  • <Quercus suber>: Marum L, Miguel A, Ricardo C P, et al. Reference gene selection for quantitative real-time PCR normalization in Quercus suber[J]. PloS one, 2012, 7(4): e35113.
  • <Octopus vulgaris>: Sirakov M, Zarrella I, Borra M, et al. Selection and validation of a set of reliable reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies in the brain of the Cephalopod Mollusc Octopus vulgaris[J]. BMC Molecular Biology, 2009, 10(1): 70.
  • <Brachiaria brizantha>: Koči J, Šimo L, Park Y. Validation of internal reference genes for real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction studies in the tick, Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae)[J]. Journal of medical entomology, 2013, 50(1): 79-84.
  • <QGadus morhua>: Olsvik P A, Søfteland L, Lie K K. Selection of reference genes for qRT-PCR examination of wild populations of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua[J]. BMC Research Notes, 2008, 1(1): 47.
Joining ICG
  • ICG allows any user to view and search but only registered users can add and edit content.
  • To become a registered user, please email the ICG Team at to tell us your preferred login name, real name, research interests, etc., and we will set up an account for you.
  • Please also spread this news to any one who might be of interest.
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