Bombyx mori

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  • Bombyx mori is a domesticated insect that has been intimately associated with humans for over 5000 years. It has been and continues to be employed to produce silk, and has contributed greatly to the economic development of countries along the ancient Silk Road and cultural exchanges between the East and West. Since the nineteenth century, B. mori has begun to serve as a reference or model organism for studies in the life sciences and has contributed many classic paradigms associated with our understanding of genetics and molecular biology. [1] [2].

Different Developmental Stages

Reference Genes

Gene Symbol Gene Name Application Scope Accession Number Primers (5'-3')
Size [bp] Tm [℃] Detection
EF4A[1] Translation initiation factor 4A
  •  During metamorphism
174 55 SYBR
EF3A4[1] Translation initiation factor 3 subunit 4
  •  During metamorphism
110 55 SYBR
EF3A5[1] Translation initiation factor 3 subunit 5
  •  During metamorphism
126 55 SYBR

Molecular Types

  • mRNA

Evaluation Methods


  • Name: Qing-You Xia
  • Email:
  • Institution: Institute of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Chongqing University and the Key Sericultural Laboratory of Agricultural Ministry, School of Biotechnology, Southwest University, Chongqing, China

Citation Statistics

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