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  • Oilseed rape (Brassica napus) is one of the most agriculturally important crops in the world, because of its large oilseed production (approximately 64 million metric tons (MMT) worldwide in 2012), with China producing about 14 MMT and Canada, the European Union, India, and Australia being the other major contributors.
  • During cultivation of oilseed rape, it will be exposed to various adverse environmental conditions, including abiotic and biotic stresses, such as drought, high-salinity, and pathogens, which result in production losses.
  • For instance, yield losses in the crop as high as 24 % caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum have been reported in Australia. In recent years, more and more researchers have focused on gene expression studies in this crop under various exogenous stimulations to understand its defense mechanisms.

Various Stress Conditions

Reference Genes

Gene Symbol Gene Name Application Scope Accession Number Primer Size [bp] Tm [℃] Detection
ACT7[1][2] Actin7
  • Heavy metal (cr 6+) stress
  • Methyl jasmonate stress
  • Abscisic acid stress
  • F:GcTGaccGTaTGaGcaaaG
  • R:aaGaTGGaTGGacccGac
182 85.4 SYBR
SAND[1] SanD-family protein
  • Cold stress
244 82.7 SYBR
UBC21[1] Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 21
  • Drought stress
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum stress
  • F:ccTcTGcaGccTccTcaaGT
  • R:caTaTcTccccTGTcTTGaaaTGc
77 78.8 SYBR
PP2A[1] Protein phosphatase 2a subunit a3
  • Salt stress
  • Drought stress
  • Methyl jasmonate stress
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum stress
  • F:GTcaacaaTccGcacTaccTaca
  • R:caaccacGacGGGaaGaaac
112 81.4 SYBR
ZNF[1] Zinc finger protein
  • Salicylic acid stress
168 83.4 SYBR
TIP41[1] TIP41-like Protein
  • Salt stress
  • Heavy metal (cr 6+) stress
  • Methyl jasmonate stress
  • Abscisic acid stress
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum stress
  • R:acacTccaTTGTcaGccaGTT
101 78.5 SYBR
F-box[1] F-box/kelch-repeat protein
  • Cold stress
  • Salicylic acid stress
  • F:GaGaTaaGTcGcTTccTaccG
  • R:TGTTcccaTTGcccTGTG
184 81.9 SYBR

Moleculer Types

  • mRNA

Evaluation Methods


  • Name: Zheng Wang
  • Email:
  • Institute: Institute of life Sciences, Jiangsu University, 301# Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang 212013, People’s Republic of china

Citation Statistics

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