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ICG Sequence Download

  • To promote the study on identification and characterization of potential internal control gene candidates from newly sequenced genomes or transcriptomes, Sequence Set of the experimental verified internal control genes ( in FASTA Format) are provided for users to freely Download.


  • Considering the accuracy and completeness for your next-stage work, only the sequences with clear sources (e.g., NCBI accession number) were obtained from the related peer-reviewed literature.
  • You can get access to the sequences directly with linux command (for example: wget
  • The potential internal control gene candidates from the users' own data set are proposed to be identified through BLASTN search, against the curated sequences with customizable parameters, for example:
(a) Score value higher than 250;
(b) Identity value higher than 95%;
  • By the way, for primer design of potential identified internal control genes, an example of parameters for PRIMER 3.0 is as followings :
(a) Product size: 100-250 bp;
(b) Primer size: 19-25 bp;
(c) GC content : 45-55 %;
(d) Primer Tm : 56-62°C;