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ICG is a wiki-based knowledgebase of internal control genes (or reference genes) for RT-qPCR normalization in a variety of species. Based on community curation, ICG harnesses collective intelligence to integrate a comprehensive collection of internal control genes curated from a large volume of literatures and provides appropriate internal control genes corresponding to specific experimental conditions for both model and non-model organisms.

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  • Nothing great is ever accomplished in isolation. — Yo-Yo Ma
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Purpose & Aims

The purpose of RiceWiki is as follows.

  • Establish a community-based system for rice gene annotation.
  • Provide up-to-date, comprehensive, and professional annotations for rice.
  • Build related wiki extensions to ease content accessibility, adding and editing.
  • Measure users' contributions and give explicit authorship.


The majority of the rice information was initially seeded with a subset of information from NCBI RefSeq and Ensembl.


RiceWiki is run off of Mediawiki version 1.33.0 and currently has 1,287 pages. You can view other statistics on Special:Statistics.



We thank a number of users for sharing their valuable knowledge, making edits, sending suggestions and reporting bugs.


ICG is supported by grants from:

  • Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences [XDB13040500 and XDA08020102 to Z.Z.; XDA08020102 to S.H.];
  • National Programs for High Technology Research and Development [2015AA020108 and 2012AA020409 to Z.Z.];
  • International Partnership Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences [153F11KYSB20160008];
  • The 100-Talent Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences [to Y.B and Z.Z.];
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China [31100915 to L.H.].