Lycoris aurea

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  • Lycoris aurea (L’ Hér.) Herb, also called Golden Magic Lily, is an ornamentally and medicinally important species of the Amaryllidaceae family. It belonged to the genus Lycoris which composed of approximately 20 species of flowering plants native to the moist warm temperate woodlands of eastern and southern Asia. Like other species of genus Lycois, L. aurea is very durable, tolerating the extremes of drought and waterlogging, as well as poor soil conditions. It also accumulates Amaryllidaceae alkaloids such as lycorine and galanthamine, which have been reported to exhibit medical values. In general, Amaryllidaceae alkaloids are regarded as derivatives of the common precursor 4′-O-methylnorbelladine. There are three different groups of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids that are biosynthesized by three modes of intramolecular oxidative C–C phenol coupling (paraortho’, para-para’ and ortho-para’). [1][2].
  • Common Name: Golden Magic Lily
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