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Welcome to ICG
A knowledgebase of Internal Control Genes for RT-qPCR normalization

Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, members of which are commonly known as stonecrops. The genus has been described as containing up to 600 species, subsequently reduced to 400–500. They are leaf succulents found primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, but extending into the southern hemisphere in Africa and South America. The plants vary from annual and creeping herbs to shrubs. The plants have water-storing leaves. The flowers usually have five petals, seldom four or six. There are typically twice as many stamens as petals. Various species formerly classified as Sedum are now in the segregate genera Hylotelephium and Rhodiola.

Recent Updates
Canis lupus familiaris.png Bactrocera dorsalis.png Callithrix jacchus-1.jpg Stenella coeruleoalba.png Artemisia annua.png
Domestic dog
Canis lupus familiaris
Oriental fruit fly
Bactrocera dorsalis
Common marmoset
Callithrix jacchus
Striped dolphin
Stenella coeruleoalba
Artemisia annua
Neurospora crassa.png Panax ginseng.png Ganoderma lucidum-1.jpg Sedum alfredii.png Arachis hypogaea.png
Neurospora crassa
Neurospora crassa
Panax ginseng
Ganoderma lucidum
Sedum alfredii
Arachis hypogaea

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Gene Ontology 1.png
  • 7 miRNA-related projects describing internal control genes for RT-qPCR normalization are included in ICG
  • ICG-version 1.0 is online
    • A total of 209 species are integrated in ICG, including 73 Animals, 115 Plants, 12 Fungi and 9 Bacteria
    • More than 70 kinds of experimental conditions are included, such as Salinity, Heat and Insecticide Treatment
    • 757 internal control genes with experimental validation are curated, such as EF1α, Ubiqutin and ACT
  • More than 200 literatures on Selection of Internal Control Genes are curated
  • The second round of investigation research on ICG project is completed
  • The first round of investigation research on ICG project is completed
To be curated
Species Literature
Prunus persica
Burkholderia pyrrocinia
Shiraia bambusicola
Poa pratensis
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