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  • The Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is a species of tilapia, a cichlid fish native to Africa from Egypt south to east and central Africa, and as far west as Gambia.
  • It is also native to Israel, and numerous introduced populations exist outside its natural range (e.g., Brazil).[2] It is also commercially known as mango fish, nilotica, or boulti.
  • The Nile tilapia, a gonochoristic teleost fish with an XX/XY sex-determining system, provides an excellent model for studying gonadal sex differentiation because genetic all-females and all-males are available[1][2].
  • Common Name: Nile tilapia
  • NCBI Taxonomy

Different Tissues & Bacterial Infection

Reference Genes

Gene Symbol Gene Name Application Scope Accession Number Primers (5'-3')
Size [bp] Tm [℃] Detection
UBCE[1] Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
  • In the intestine, liver, brain, kidney, and spleen after S. iniae infection, and in the liver, kidney, and spleen after S. agalactiae infection
130 59 SYBR
EF1A[1] EF-1a mRNA for elongation factor 1a
  • Heart and muscle after S. iniae or S. agalactiae infection
250 59 SYBR
GADPH[1] Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
  • In intestine and brain after S. agalactiae infection
205 59 SYBR
18S rRNA[1] 18S ribosomal RNA
  • Across the various tissues
111 59 SYBR

Molecular Types

  • mRNA

Evaluation Methods


  • Name: Hua Wen
  • Email: wenhua.hb@163.com
  • Institution: Key Laboratory of Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization of Ministry of Agriculture, Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Wuhan 430223, China

Citation Statistics

Cited by 32 (Based on Google Scholar [2017-06-16])


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